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Nowadays, it isn’t easy to imagine a person without a mobile banking application on a smartphone.

At the same time, it is possible, but extremely difficult, to find a bank with a software solution that not only lets clients serve themselves but allows its employees to fulfill all client-related duties 24/7 using smartphones or tablets.

Our Unibank product efficiently solves this frequent problem and digitalizes the Client‑Bank relationship making them #TrueDigital and naturally implementing the #WorkFromHome concept. The product incorporates mobile and Internet banking and multifunctional workplaces for bank employees. All of it has become possible through more than 20 years of experience in banking software development.

Handy UX, AI support, online business monitoring, high resiliency, and bulletproof security are the fundamental principles of the product.

Due to its modular structure, Unibank is suitable and affordable for all – from large universal banks to specialized financial institutions.

The product can be deployed in 10 days on-premises or on the cloud in standard configuration.

Key features:

  • Flexibility The microservice architecture provides flexibility in the configuration process and functionality and implements modularity.
  • 24/7 By default.
  • Speed Provides high delivery speed with up to 15 modules included.
  • TrueDigital Moves classic banking products into a digital form and business logic.
  • Control Embedded Monitoring modules (Business, Security) and Analytics.

Trading platform

Any bank can grant loans, attract deposits and open current accounts. But modern clients need more than just this.

It would be best if you considered allowing your clients to open bid/ask positions on FX-market, let them purchase securities like bonds and shares, as well as trade Bitcoin, or provide the possibility to invest in ICO. We know how to assist you using our Trading Platform product. Meet the highest technological standards for real-time data distribution in capital markets and other event-driven businesses.

Trading Platform is a “cloud-ready” solution based on a microservice architecture with a low cost of ownership due to the wide usage of open-source components. It allows Financial Services Businesses (banks, neobanks, etc.) to supply their customers with a new service—investments in different assets and currency intraday trading.

Can you imagine your transactional businesses 10 or 100 times grow? We are able and ready to help.


We live in the 21st century, where the most prominent retailers have no stores and the biggest taxi company doesn’t have its cars. Everybody is building ecosystems through digitalization. You can start your own project using our marketplace product—the place where your customers will receive even more than they expect.

Sell and service your customers worldwide 24/7 using our solution ST.Marketplace.

Cloud-native solution ST.Marketplace developed for various sales and service-related businesses between the seller (manufacturer) and the buyer (consumer). It supports all types of transactions and operations online, 24/7.

Access to the platform from any device, the ability to customize any non-standard sales process, a set of integrations out of the box, payment instruments, auctions, NFT (blockchain) transactions, and additional functions (smart search, chatbot, preferences, and tips) will definitely help your business to increase sales volumes, the number of clients and business scaling. We are not just an ordinary e-Shop!

Embedded banking

Payments should not be the last mile between your business and your customers’ needs. Are you looking for examples to be implemented in your business?

Please take a look at our best cases of digitalization of a routine process of fueling/charging a car or purchasing/using tickets in public transport. We are ready to help you create apps with embedded banking functionality to use less cash and less human resources while conducting business on a large scale.

Use #TrueDigital environment to service your customers and build your own digital ecosystem with ST.Embedded_Banking solution—designed by professionals with 20+ years of experience in digital banking solutions.

Key features:

  • Flexibility The microservice architecture provides flexibility in the configuration process and functionality and implements modularity.
  • 24/7 By default.
  • Speed Provides high delivery speed—the first delivery is carried out in 10 days (if there is no need for integration with specific hardware).
  • TrueDigital Converts many banking services into invisible and convenient formats for customers’ needs.
  • Control Monitoring modules (business, technical, security) and analytics.

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